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NEWS: Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan

PAKISTAN: Relations Remain Strained

Is the U.S.-Pakistani alliance against insurgents going up in smoke? Pakistani officials, outraged by a U.S. Helicopter incursion into their airspace that left two border guards dead, have closed a crucial crossing point into Afghanistan.



CIA World Factbook

Despite U.S. Apologies, the Pakistanis are still miffed and the key border crossing for NATO’s overland supply lines remains closed. Meanwhile, Taliban militants have burned more than 100 fuel tanker trucks in the past week. And thousands of other trucks remain idle – and vulnerable – waiting for the main crossing to reopen, reports the Voice of America.

According to the Pentagon:

A joint report released yesterday (Oct. 6) by International Security Assistance Force and Pakistani military officials said two coalition helicopters passed into Pakistani airspace several times Sept. 30 and later fired on a building identified as a Pakistani border outpost in response to shots fired from the post.

The assessment team considered it most likely that the Pakistani troops had fired in an attempt to warn the helicopters of their presence, the report said. Following the engagement, it was discovered that members of the Pakistan Frontier Scouts had been killed or wounded.

IRAQ: A Civilian Answers the Call to Duty


Barbara Eberly (right) with her daughter.


Counter insurgency experts have been saying for years now that there needs to be more non-military government representatives in Iraq and Afghanistan to help with reconstructing civil society through agricultural, economic and law enforcement assistance.

While more needs to be done in those areas, the Defense Department’s Civilian Expeditionary Workforce program trains and equips civilians to deploy overseas in support of military members and missions worldwide.

Now Barbara Eberly, a 58-year-old Defense Department civilian, has volunteered to deploy to Iraq as part of that program. The Armed Forces Press Service says Eberly, a mobilization planning specialist for Defense Logistics Agency Distribution in New Cumberland, Pa., is now working with the 199th Garrison Command public works department at Camp Victory.

AFGHANISTAN: Ninth Year of War Ends

The war in Afghanistan entered its 10th year on Oct. 7.  ABC reports there is uncertainty over whether the U.S. strategy in the war ravaged country is working.

(photo by Sgt. Christopher R. Rye, USMC)




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