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AFRICA: President Out in West Africa’s Burkina Faso [UPDATE and CORRECTION]]

Power Shift.

CORRECTION: Corrects last paragraph to indicate critics accused Compaore of meddling in Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone — not Liberia.

Burkina Faso location  in Africa (CIA World Factbook)

Burkina Faso location in Africa
(CIA World Factbook)

After 27 years in power, Blaise Compaore is out as president of Burkina Faso. But its not clear who is in charge now of the poor, land-locked West African state.

Compaore left office — or was ousted. depending on whom you listen to — over the weekend when mass protests, vandalism and looting broke out in the capital, Ouagadougou, and by thousands who opposed his plans to rewrite the country’s constitution so he could run for another term as president.

The BBC is reporting that “ensions are mounting” after the Army chief Honore Traore has seized power. Traore said he had taken over, but it is not clear if he had the backing of all the military.

The Army says it will install a unity government to oversee a political transition, the Voice of America reported.

A brief military statement late Sunday (November 2) said all of the components of the transitional body “will be adopted by a broad consensus.”  It did not provide details.

Sunday’s announcement in Ouagadougou follows hours of widespread confusion about who will run the impoverished West African nation of 17 million.

A short while after Compaore’s forced resignation, two military officers each claimed to be in charge.  The military on Saturday named one of them, Lieutenant-Colonel Yacouba Isaac Zida, commander of the presidential guard,  to head the transition, VOA said.

Compaore, who came to power in a military coup in 1987, has been a U.S. ally in the war against terrorism. He allowed the U.S. to base a spy plane base in his country to montior al Qaeda-linked groups in North Africa, according to the Washington Post.  While he helped mediate political crises in Mali and in Ivory Coast, his critics say his meddling at first led to bloodshed in Ivory Coast and prolonged it in Sierra Leone.

Burkina Faso  (CIA World Factbook)

Burkina Faso
(CIA World Factbook)


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