FRIDAY FOTO (June 28, 2019)

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The Good Ship Vasa.


(Photo by John M. Doyle. Copyright 2019 by 4GWAR Blog)

STOCKHOLM, Sweden —  On August 10, 1628, the 64-gun pride of the Royal Swedish Navy, the Vasa — for corn sheaf — began her maiden voyage but quickly sank when the wind shifted and design flaws caused the vessel to list, allowing water to flood the open gun ports.

Built between 1626 and 1628. The ship went down after sailing about 1,300 meters (1,400 yards). About 30 sailors lost their lives. A royal investigation was conducted but after it was determined there were design and construction flaws in the mighty ship, the case was closed and no-one was punished.

After the bronze cannons were removed, early attempts to raise the ship failed and the Vasa sat at the bottom of Stockholm harbor until 1961, when a massive effort of scientists, engineers, historians and artisans salvaged and reconstructed the mighty ship.

It now sits in a wonderful museum in Stockholm with about 98 percent of its structure original materials.

Gustavus Adolphus, Attributed_to_Jacob_Hoefnagel_-_Gustavus_Adolphus,_King_of_Sweden_1611-1632_-_Google_Art_Project

Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden 1611-1632 (via Wikipedia)

The ship was built on the orders of King Gustavus Adolphusone of Sweden’s greatest monarchs.  It was part of the military expansion he initiated in a war with Poland-Lithuania between 1621 and 1629.

The ship was grandly decorated with painted wood carvings that were supposed to strike fear and awe in enemy ships. Gustavus Adolphus was impatient to see the ship takes its place in his navy but the vessel was designed to carry a much lighter load, making it top heavy on the upper gun deck, according to historians.

Known as the Lion of the North, the Swedish king was considered a masterful warrior and general during the Thirty Years War, but maybe he should have left naval affairs to someone else






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