FRIDAY FOTO (February 12, 2021)

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Going to Extremes.

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cprporal Andrew R. Bray) CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE THE IMAGE

U.S. Marines exit the water of a frozen pond at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (click here to see a video) near Bridgeport, California on February 2, 2021. Marines and Sailors attending the Basic Cold Weather Leaders Course are required to undergo the hypothermia laboratory, a training event where troops experience hypothermia first hand and — more importantly — how to avoid it.

The center is situated at 6,762 feet, with elevations in the training areas ranging to just under 12,000 feet. During the winter season (October – April) snow accumulation can reach near 6 to 8 feet. And severe storms can deposit as much as four feet in a 12 hour period. Annual temperatures range from -20 degrees to +90 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the season.

On the other side of the country, at Fort Benning, Georgia on February 5 – it was Week 3 of U.S. Army Sniper School. (click here to see a short video) This soldier was one of 35 students participating in the ghillie suit wash, which is designed to test the strength and durability of the suits — as well as to weather them.

(U.S. Army photo by Patrick A. Albright, Maneuver Center of Excellence and Fort Benning Public Affairs) CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO ENLARGE IMAGE.

What’s a ghillie suit? Worn by civilian hunters and military snipers, the ghillie suit is designed to look like heavy foliage in a forest or field. It was originally developed by Scottish gamekeepers as a portable hunting blind and first adopted for war in 1916. The name derives from a Scottish word for “lad” or “servant.”

Sniper School students use sand, water and mud, all in an effort to perfect one of their most important tools: their camouflage.

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