Recent publications by 4GWAR Editor John M. Doyle

SEAPOWER — Joint, Combined Exercise Shows Marine Littoral Regiment Idea is On Track, (Feb. 24, 2023)

SEAPOWER — Coast Guard has no personnel retention problem, but recruiting is another story. (Jan. 20, 2023)

SEAPOWER –CENTCOM naval chief Says a mesh of sensors and unmanned systems could protect the Region’s Waters (Jan. 11, 2023)

SEAPOWER —  HISTORY: 175 Years Ago, U.S. Army and Navy Had First Major Joint Amphibious Landing on Foreign Soil

VERTIFLITEA Maryland startup has combined a 90-year-old aircraft design that was ahead of its time with an innovative tilt-wing configuration to develop an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) flying taxi  to navigate high-rise urban landscapes (January/February 2020.)

SEAPOWER — The Navy Department has a security problem, and it’s embedded in the institutional culture, the top IT executive says (January 2020).

SEAPOWER — Naval Expeditionary Creates Five Regional “Tech Bridges” to Spread Workforce Agility (September 2019)

VERTIFLITE — Small Shop, Small Aircraft, Big Plans — Dragonfly Pictures, Inc. is designing, building and testing innovative unmanned helicopters. (May/June 2019)

VERTIFLITE v_janfeb_2019_page_1

VERTIFLITE — STEM Summer Camp — MIT’s Beaver Works Summer Institute Woos High Schoolers to Science, Tech Careers with drone racing and other cool classes. (January/February 2019)

IQPC — Future Ground Combat Vehicles — Overcoming the “Heavy” Price of More Armor (September 2018)



VERTIFLITE — Army Research Lab and Vertical FlightArmy Research Lab looks to the future of vertical flight (January/February 2018)

VERTIFLITE-JA17-cover1 (2)

VERTIFLITECyclocopter Technology could make mini VTOL drone flight more stable and agile. Some can roll along the ground or across water. (July/August 2017)

IDGA –Integrated Air and Missile Defense – The United States and its allies are confronting the Cold War threat of nuclear missile attack again. (July 2017)

IDGA — DIRECTED ENERGY — While DARPA wants to arm ground vehicles with lasers to shoot down enemy drones, the Missile Defense Agency wants to put lasers on drones to destroy attacking ICBMs. (April 2017)

MITCHELL INSTITUTE — Beyond JSTARS: Rethinking the Airborne Battle Management and Ground Surveillance Mission (September 2016)

Unmanned Systems Cover 2016 movie drones

UNMANNED SYSTEMSDrone use in movies and TV is booming, but not all players follow the rules (April 2016)

IDGA-Training Iraqi Forces Special Operations Conference: It Takes a Coalition to Train an Army (July 2016)

IDGA/IQPC3-D printing technology holds promise for military medical breakthroughs (December 2015)

UNMANNED SYSTEMSCyber security challenge for drones, autonomous cars (November 2015)

IDGA Website — The Top Eight current and future threats facing America and the likely challenges they pose to integrated air and missile defense (September 2015)

MILITARY LOGISTICS FORUM — Unmanned platforms deliver the goods by land, sea and air (September 2015)

UNMANNED SYSTEMS — Latin America’s farms, forests and infrastructure offer new commercial UAS opportunities.  (August 2015)

AEROSPACE DAILY AND DEFENSE REPORT — U.S. Air Force Opens Lightweight UAV Turbine Engine Competition (May 6, 2015)

SEAPOWER — NAVAIR moving ahead with cost- and time-saving open architecture plan  (April 2015)

AEROSPACE DAILY & DEFENSE REPORT— Possible U.S. Army Force Cuts Below 450,000 Concern Odierno (Nov. 21, 2014)

AVIATION WEEK’S DEFENSE TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONALNew armies evolve to meet an array of challenges (Oct. 13, 2014)

AVIATION WEEK’S DEFENSE TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL— U.S. Special Ops seeks miniaturized airborne sensors (Oct. 13, 2014)

IDGA — As New Threats Rise and Budgets Fall, Dept. of Homeland Security Looks for Simple, Cheap and Interoperable Solutions (Oct. 28, 2014)

UNMANNED SYSTEMS — New Communications Methods Extend  Links Between Robots and Operators (October)



X-47B — The Navy’s test model tailless unmanned combat air system is going to be tested on land and sea.

Bomber of the Future — Speculation on what the next generation Long Range Strike bomber could look like. (Special Spring 2012 Collector’s Edition: Ultimate Aircraft)

Making MUSIC Together — U.S. Army blending manned and unmanned aircraft in new full spectrum Combat Aviation Brigades


TRITONDurability and sensing capabilities improved on Navy’s MQ-4C Triton UAS

Two More Decades — Marines’ Light Armored Vehicles staying in service until 2035

Unmanned Aircraft — Marine Corps’ STUAS almost ready

Acceptable Risk— Pentagon budget cuts slow down  Marines’ acquistion of planes, amphibious ships

Outside the Box — DARPA wants to help the Marines build a combat vehicle faster and cheaper

Banana Wars — How the Marine Corps pioneered dive bombing and close air support tactics during the Central American “Banana Wars” of the 1920s and ’30s (part of a Centennial of Marine Corps Aviation package)

Back to the BeachMarine Corps reemphasizing amphibious assault in its expeditionary toolbox.

Over the Horizon and Under the Sea — Navy exploring new intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance technology.


SOTECH July 2013Eyes in the Skies — U.S. commanders turning to unmanned aircraft for ISR. (September 2014)

International Vehicle ProgramsOverseas Markets Seek Special Ops Vehicles (p. 26)


Game Changers — New technology and gadgets promise game changing results for Special Operations Forces.

Human Geography (July 23)  — Rediscovering an old SOF skill with a new name

IDGA Website

Cyber Defense — U.S.-China in a surprisingly warm ‘Cold War’?

Human Geography — Mapping the Earth’s trouble spots and the people who live there

Force ProtectionWar-driven developments in body, vehicle armor

Human Geography — Military seeks skills, technology to avoid costly cultural misunderstandings

Military Energy — Army Moving on Renewable Energy for Bases

Special Operations, Unconventional Warfare, Drones — and other topics


Arms Control — U.N. Seeks To Restrict Spread of Illegal Arms (May 2014)

UAVs for Humanitarian Ops — NGOs, relief organizations look at UAVs for help

To Do List for Next President — Next President needs to work on education, R&D, export controls and NASA funding.

Shakey PartnershipWith the Afghan border situation deteriorating, the Defense Dept. strives to reassure Pakistan—and Congress

Gas Attack — Fuel prices could hurt Defense, NASA, Homeland Security

Strategy Shift — Homeland security outlook for 2008

In the Money — Homeland Security budget in Bush-Congress spending battle

No Coke, Pepsi — Canadian firm develops liquid explosives detector

Who Do You Trust? — TSA’s public-private registered traveller program

Washington Outlook column — About nuclear weapon mismanagement, Gates in the Air Force tanker thicket, candidate Obama on space

Washington Outlook column — Pentagon assessment of Afghanistan/Pakistan, strategic deterrence in space, spacesuit flap


UNMANNED SYSTEMS Unmanned systems makers and operators are expanding emergency response applications beyond bomb squad robots (February 2014)

UNMANNED SYSTEMS — Services, manufacturers seek alternative power sources for unmanned air and maritime vehicles.

2014 Defense Budget — Unmanned aircraft numbers down.

Let’s Get Small — Manufacturers Reducing Sensor Size to Fit Smaller Unmanned Vehicles

DIY Robots — Small companies start with big ideas


Keep in Touch — Unmanned Underwater Systems seek better ways to communicate with their operators and each other.

Robots Fare Well — Defense budget cuts skip over unmanned programs

Wanted — U.S. military seeks more unmanned vehicles in Fiscal 2011 budget

Danger ‘bots — Robots that go where it’s too dangerous, too far or too small for humans to tread.


Making Do — Army, Marine Corps ground vehicle reset could be suppliers’ boom

Ready for Prime TimeThe quest to scan air passengers for dangerous objects without breaching individual privacy rights

Back to the Future — Obama packs administration with ex-Clinton officials

ARES on Defense Blog

Unmanned Systems — Pigeon-holed by success?

Libya — No Sale on Libya No Fly Zone

Libyan Fallout — Greater MANPADs threat

DARPA and Robots — Why Can’t a Robot Be More Like a Man?

Unmanned Systems — Pigeon-holed by success?

Coast Guard — Looking to fill unmanned air patrol gap

Switchblade — AeroVironment’s Lethal Little Unmanned Aircraft is Ready

U.S. Navy and Unmanned Vehicles — Budgetary Hard Times Lower All Boats

Unmanned Vehicles at the Poles — Ice is Only One of the Challenges

Missile Movie — Missile Defense Advocates Release Their Own ‘Inconvenient Truth’

FBI Scouting UAVs — Not Just G-Men, but UAV Men

Mind the Ming — Think tanks recommend adding space-based layer to U.S. anti-missile defense

Links to numerous articles I did for Air & Space Smithsonian and McGraw-Hill publications like Aviation Week, Airports and Homeland Security and Defense are listed in digest form at Villanova University’s Falvey Memorial Library website.


Show Us the Money What programs should Congress be spending homeland security funds on?

Budget 2005Where is the homeland security money going?


Homeland Security & Defense

Reporting from CharlestonBioterror countermeasures,  Port of Charleston to be testbed, New maritime security rules

After inventoryDHS plans to ramp up IT capabilities

Hand-held Detector — Device can identify liquids in sealed containers

Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

 Ground Combat Vehicle — Army Leaders Say Uncertainty Could Hurt GCV, Other Vehicles

Airborne Laser — Missile Defense Agency may test small aircraft with ABL

Counter MANPADSNorthrop Grumman says its jammer could go on Civil Reserve Air Fleet



Audio System Designer — Have Ear, Will Travel

Shareholder Rights — Activist Ralph Whitworth fights to give shareholders a voice

Corporate Gadfly — Rich American Gadfly Evelyn Y. Davis likes to exasperate corporate chieftains

Accountants vs Lawyers — Battle over wave of lawsuits pits accountants against lawyers.

New York

Judge Murder — Seven-year-old dispute led to judge’s murder.

The Westies — Ex-Westies gang member balked at helping butcher victim’s corpse.

Mob Wars — Reputed John Gotti lieutenant killed by car bomb

Manhunt — Nationwide search for missing son of reputed mob leader

DOYLE’S LAW — About Doyle and news in Indiana

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