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FRIDAY FOTO (July 21, 2017)

See Paris and … Fly!

FRIFO 7-21-2017 Thunderbirds Over Paris

(U.S. Air Force photo by Technical Sergeant Christopher Boitz)

The Thunderbirds, the U.S. Air Force air demonstration squadron, streaks by the Eiffel Tower on July 11, during a practice for the 2017 Bastille Day celebration in Paris. The Thunderbirds’ F-16s were among than 90 aircraft that participated in the July 14 festivities.

We usually pass on photos of the Thunderbirds. While they are some of the world’s best military aviators and their aerial derring do is breathtaking, they, like their Navy counterparts, the Blue Angels, are doing what they do to provide publicity for the Air Force and aid recruitment. Here at 4GWAR we prefer the FRIDAY FOTO to shed some light on the amazing feats performed by all the other service members that don’t routinely draw crowds and flocks of photographers.

But hey, it’s Paris!

Like Henry of Navarre put it: “Paris vaut bien une messe.”

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FRIDAY FOTO (July 27, 2012)

Fix Bayonets

Photo courtesy Ministere de la Defense

We can’t let the month of July go by without a photo from the French military parade on July 14 – Bastille Day – in Paris.

Almost every July 14 since 1880, the French military establishment dons its dress uniforms – resplendent in both color and tradition – and marches down the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

This year, the French Defense Ministry put a whole bunch of good photos on Facebook. Unfortunately the pictures are without captions, so if you know your French history you might be able to dope out which unit is which.

This photos shows infantrymen of the 1st Regiment of Spahis (North African cavalry) fixing bayonets to their FAMAS assault rifles. Spahis – the name means army or horsemen – were light cavalry regiments of the French army recruited from the local population in France’s former North African colonies: Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Their Maghreb heritage is displayed in the white cloaks and red sashes they still wear on ceremonial occasions

Today there is only one regiment of Spahis in the French Army – the First Regiment of Moroccan Spahis (1er Régiment de Spahis Marocains) founded in 1914. Instead of horses, the Spahis ride in armored personnel carriers as part of the 6th French Light Armored Brigade. Here’s what they look like drawn up on parade.

French Defense Ministry photo

To see more photos, click here.

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